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Summer of 108 - Hmmm. . . Where shall we get more skulls

by bryan on Apr.21, 2009, under RaspedVessel

10th of Hematite

The human traders have arrived.  I will bring all of our trinkets to the depot.  Hopefully they will bring us all sorts of trees and meat.

11th of Hematite

J2Q has died. He was badly wounded before I took over and has given into his wounds. He has reincarnated as a hammer dwarf in The Gilded Messiahs.

17th of Hematite

A great tragedy has befallen our fortress. E3S has replaced me as Mayor!

19th of Hematite

We finished hauling the trinkets to the trade depot. I trade a good portion of them away a crap ton of meat and wood. This all in all a good trade.  They brought us some cloth and some leather but I didn’t take it as we have a whole lot of that stuff.

28th of Hematite

The jailed OPA has starved to death. He is reincarnating as a cook.

10th of Malachite

RH1 has demanded I make more skull totems.  I wish that the arena would finish so I can make more skulls.

3rd of Galena

E3S Jr II is taken by a fey mood what is it with E3S’s and WQB’s offspring and random bouts of the crazy.

4th of Galena

The arena is completed!


The top is a statue garden so dwarfs will mill around and spectate.  In the lower left there is an area zoned to be a pit.   The lower level is an open area with a door in the upper right.    Near the door there are some cage traps to catch escapees as well as a cage room to keep our prisoners in. I also made a lever that we can rig up to various cages so we can handle raccoon and thieves without escapees.

10th of Galena

E3S Jr II finish her artifact. It is an earing called The Rosey Crevices.


It is valued at a paltry 7k dwarf bucks. I must say I am a tad bit disappointed but what can you expect from a child. When she grows up I will have to have her make RH1 some awesome totems.

11th of Galena

Speaking of totems! The arena has been finished! I Post the gilded messiahs in the bottom of the arena. They are eager for the battle to come. Most of the squad is recovering from sparring injuries but HYJ and WQB head to the bottom of the arena. The first goblin hits the bottom and WQB is upon him striking violently with his hammer. Shattering the left half of the goblins body. With another mighty cleave WQB sends the goblin flying against the arena wall. I noticed some bolts falling down. It looks like PRM is standing at the top of the pit shooting down.


If I didn’t find the development so amusing I might ask him to leave. Another goblin hits the pit. Hyj lunges at him. I am not even able to see what wounds he inflicts the goblin simply sails through the air into the nearest wall.


16th of Galena

We have failed to make yet more lead items at the whims of Mrs. ZCG. EDJ has been sentenced to a beating. . . maybe I should re-evaluate our jail situation.


Oh sweet dwarven Jesus. EDJ is severley injured by his punishment. I am going to start working on a prison near a water supply. If EDJ dies I will have to name it the EDJ memorial jail.


28th of Galena

The pump is working! The iron hall has already drained down to 3/7 in depth!  As a side effect our moat is being filled with water.  This isn’t particularly tactically advantageous but it sure looks cool.  The main problem I am having is that trees appear to have grown in our moat.  These trees also seem to be able to fully block the water so I am having to widen the moat in places to let the water flow around them.

Well that does it for Summer.  The arena is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  We should gain access to our iron early in the fall.  The arch continues to progress though I am no longer optimistic that it will be finished within my reign especially if we get a siege.  Most of the bottom floor is completed and the floor of the second floor is about half done.

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Spring of 107 - Imagine your own montage music please

by bryan on Apr.19, 2009, under RaspedVessel

1st of Granite

I have been unemployed for who knows how long now. HYJ has turned off my practice catapult so I can no longer hone my skills. I just hang around in the meeting area with hundreds of untrained animals and my fellow unemployed people.

It seems the HYJ recession hit everyone there are 38 of us idlers here. unemploymentline1


unemploymentline3No one is sure if the wood or the metal dried up first. All we know is that there are no raw materials flowing into the fortress. The carpenters and blacksmiths were hit next. Soon the fortress was facing %30 unemployment.


Hyj’s excuse? He fell asleep.

Alright that is it. It is time for a revolution. VIVA LA RESITANCE! To the hills my brethren! Death to the bourgeois nappers (in an unrelated note how sweet of a name is that for our band?).

I tell HYJ that we are having a coup against him. He informs me that it is my turn to lead anyway. . . Who came up with this system of governance anyway? Well I guess it is good that the revolution succeeded without any blood. Lord knows there will be enough of that in the near future.

Time to take stock of our situation. L3X bring me an inventory.

Oh crap. . .

One of these things is not like the other

One of these things is not like the other

We have a whole lot of unusable fat.  I am going to have it made into Tallow that we can then cook.  Speaking of cooking lets see what TCC has been cooking up for us.

Wait a minute. . . .

Wait a minute. . . .

This explains our fortresses high prevalence of diabitus.  It also appears the TCC has attempted to make the dwarven answer to Turduken.

I think I will stick to the syrup

I think I will stick to the syrup

In HYJ’s defense we do actually have plenty of food and drink so at the very least our fortress will survive. . . though there are some rather interesting items . . .


Crazy dwarf time!

I start paging through the log books frantically. . . where are they? Where did he put them. All of our masterwork crossbows are missing. I run up to HYJ and ask him where he put them. He smiles at me and tells me the humans wanted them so he sold the cross bows to them. I weep.

The other thing I notice about our stocks is that our captured enemies are still alive. . . AND ARMED! I will fix the later now and we will fix the former later.

No sense dwelling in the past. Time to get this fortress back on the road to prosperity. I designate a massive area of trees to be chopped. I order all of the captured weapons of our enemies melted down. It also looks like no progress was made on our flooded mine so I will start working on that as well.

17th of Granite.

The elves have arrived! Lets see what goodies they brought us.

26th of Granite

I broke ground on two large public works projects. One is an arch that will be helping us defend the fotress (more on that later). The other is a gladiatorial arena as our dwarfs are far too bored right now.

27th of Granite

The elves have decided to trade with us. They brought 3 pieces of wood and tons of cloth. . . In other words nothing we need. I took the pieces of wood and gave them some trinkets.

8th of Slate

CRP has been taken by a mood

9th of Slate CRP

CRP has claimed a Jeweler’s workshop.  I am hoping that CRP will grab a piece of coal and squeeze it into a dimond through sheer muscular fortitude.

11th of Slate

CRP has started his mysterious construction

12th of Slate

Some raccoons are giving me a problem I am dispatching our military to take care of them. PRM arrives first on the screen and with a few bolts makes short work of them.


13th of Slate

CRP completes his masterpiece.  He is calling it the Friendly Ape. . . the perfectly cut ruby.  Yeah I really have no idea.  It is very simple but it is quite valuable so that is nice.


20th of Slate

The countess was demanding that we create lead items. I tried to tell her that we had no lead but she wouldn’t listen. She has thrown OPA in jail for 75 days.

4th of Felsite

Migrants have arrived!

I am going to assemble a crack marksdwarf team under the leadership of A5N the 2nd They include

A5N the 2nd

TJE the 2nd

AZJ the 2nd

BBN the 2nd

We also have our philosopher CHR

20th of Felsite

RH1 the tax collector has demanded 3 skull totems. This is a troubling development. . . I do not want our tax collector to be collecting his payments in carved skulls. But if there is one thing that we have lots of it is skulls so I order them made.

Well Spring is done.  I am feeling pretty good.  We are back to full employment and I am well under way towards draining our iron supply.  The arch is progressing. . . slowly.  Our miners are also slowly working on the arena.  I am afriad I might have made it a bit too big and it is taking really long.

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Spring 103 - Wherein The Fortress Enters DwarfCon 4

by Brian on Mar.21, 2009, under RaspedVessel

1st Granite

I’ve been spending a lot of time underground and wander up topside to take a look at the state of things.

12 traps.

I survey our defenses. It's not good.

What is going on here?  Surely we’ve been preparing for siege.  Bring me the recall roster!


Hoooooooooooooo boy.

At this point, I spit beer all over my writing slate.  Easy, be calm — perhaps they’re all just off somewhere doing something producti*choke*


Mother of god.

After my cries for the Hammerer to come beat me to death and end this quickly went unanswered, I calmed down and set to work.  We will need defenses, and we will need stout dwarfs to man them.  To dwarf them.

First, some bunkers around the trade depot and entrance:


We can take cover insider these bunkers if things get too dicey.

And secondly, a training complex to get our dwarfs up to speed:

The skinny ones are archery ranges, the big room is a spar-a-torium.

The skinny ones are archery ranges, the big room is a spar-a-torium.

Setting KOX and his mining crew to their task, I retired to my quarters to cry review the resources at my disposal.

20th Granite

SLA refuses to approve work in the manager queue.
FFB refuses to meet with traders.

These two will need some… adjustments.  On the other hand,

KOX works diligently, overseeing the installation of a comfy shale floor in the rumpus room while HYJ cranks out masterpiece crossbows.

26th Granite

I have not worked swiftly enough.  Goblin wrestlers arrive to attack, striking down UDL, a peaceful fisherdwarf, immediately.  Tragically, this does not make her more powerful than one can possible imagine, it merely makes her dead.   Then the goblins annihilate one of the elven caravan’s muskoxen, dragging them into the fight.  The elven caravan guards manage to run the goblins off.  A smirking FFB expains that that was his plan all along.  I have him summarily clean-shaven and fitted with prosthetic ears.  I am mortified that the fortress survives by the grace of ELVES.  Happily, one of the goblins — a snatcher, at that — is caught in a trap.  I will find a use for him later.

3rd Slate

Migrants arrive, including replacements for the fallen and the following newbies: SPU, A2X, TCC, XAK, W4C, WWP, DYN and R6N.  I am elected mayor in a totally fair election and a fortress guard is immediately created to insure my safety in this time of crisis.  I press a gang into service and begin them training in KOX’s gymnasium.

Also, I will require suitable accommodations.  I cannot expect to be taken seriously by my peers — other leaders of dwarfs and men and elves — sleeping in a sandy hole like some sort of damned hobbit.  As SLA is not approving work orders, outfitting my quarters will be tedious. I am tempted to drown him.

8th Slate

The dwarfs in the gymnasium have mastered the basics of wrestling.  I am issuing them luchadore masks and making them my fortress guard.

Sickened by the state of things, I build a refuse pile and bone yard out-of-doors.  The fortess vomits forth filth.

Two of my wrestlers are struck down by goblins.  This will not stand.  I pull KOX off mining duty and send him and 8 other stout dwarves to wrestling practice.

17th Slate

We have two goblins captured now.  I have no idea what to do with them.  In other news, I demand the construction of skull totems.  Am I making myself clear?

9th Felsite

Our tame cats are too injured to work.  SLA has begun approving work orders.  Are these two things related? I launch an inquisi… inquiry.

22 Felsite

KOX has become an elite wrestler.  Work on the defenses continues while our crossbowbowdwarfs practice up.  I have a series of craft workshops ringing the boneyard to produce bone bolts.  We’ll have some defense real soon now.    This summer I plan to investigate our farming and smelting operations.

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Summer 102 - A Golden Age in Dwarfdom Begins

by justin on Mar.16, 2009, under RaspedVessel

1st of Hematite

With summer and an influx of migrants creates new problems and new opportunities. In order to keep a watchful eye on the newcomers and make sure they don’t step out of line, a Sheriff’s position has been opened.

Careful, he has a bow.

Careful, he has a legendary bow.

HYJ claims sheriff duties and promotes SLA to the position of Outpost Manager. Dwarfs are expected to air their grievances in the butcher shop until a suitable office is constructed.

17th of Hematite

A human caravan arrives with a handful of wagons laden with trade goods. FFB, eager to show them our fine dwarfen wares, is much more punctual this time around.

20th of Hematite

Plans have been laid for a Magma Forge. Space has been set aside for 8 workshops. Let us hope KOX keeps his sanity long enough to mine the tunnel without digging all the way through and incinerating the whole fortress.

Lower level plans:


Upper level plans:


28th of Hematite

The Magma Forge has been completed, workshops have been constructed, and AZJ the weaponsmith starts busting out some pick axes and battle axes for additional mining and wood cutting capability. It is only a matter of time before we go into full-scale armament production

13th of Malachite

After many weeks of haggling, FFB and the human traders come to an agreement over price. The humans value our obsidian trinkets and weapons greatly, offering a cornucopia of wares. We procured for the fortress many barrels of cloth, food, metal bars, toys, instruments and we’re particularly excited over obtaining new styles of leather not yet seen before in these parts:

Carp and pike leather, wtfz?

Carp and pike leather, wtfz?

An idea of where our priorities lie:

Time to start a dwarfen Blue Man Group!

Time to start a dwarfen Blue Man Group!

The Human caravan departs and a representative is left behind to speak with FFB about an import/export trade agreement. We request the humans to bring back more metal bars and an anvil.

19th of Malachite

6 days of chasing FFB around the Dimple Helmet field as FFB pointedly ignores him, the representative is finally able to give FFB the export agreement and heads for home. It appears they highly value trinkets and jewels over our fine dwarfen cheeses…

Maybe we can sell their instruments back to them for a profit...

Maybe we can sell their instruments back to them for a profit...

3rd of Galena

Sweet dwarfen glory, Kimberlite has been found through some exploratory mining by KOX! This valuable ore is the only type that contains diamonds, and we will most definitely be exploring this vein further.

Train those cougars, Ty!

Train those cougars, Ty

4th of Galena

Love is in the air as E3S gives birth to a baby girl! E3S Jr weighed in at a hefty 15 pounds. I am hoping to get a pickaxe into its hands sooner rather than later.

What're the odds this child avoids insanity in its 1st year of life?

What're the odds this child avoids insanity in its 1st year of life?

5th of Galena

While delivering water to a still bed-ridden A5N, E3S suddenly remembers something important…

Baby > Water

Baby > Water

20th of Galena

As we head into the Fall, spirits are flowing, stocks are ample, and the mood is hopeful and optimistic that this will be a fortress which can stand the test of time.

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Spring 102 - The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the expanding needs of the bureaucracy.

by justin on Mar.16, 2009, under RaspedVessel

1st of Granite

The dwarfs are under new management and seem to have bounced back nicely from the murderous fire imps of the previous year.  Things are looking up!

10th of granite

Theliri Fewethafebi and Iru Royeremame of the Elven empire have arrived to trade goods with us!  I must remember not to bring up animal or wood products, as I’ve caught wind the elves frown upon such indiscriminate nature-harvesting.

To commemorate the elven merchant arrival, a ceremony was held in the throne room in which HYJ was promoted to Outpost Manager and FFB was promoted to both Outpost Broker and Bookkeeper. Certainly they will fulfill their roles as public servants and help our small community to flourish.


On that note, FFB’s presence has been requested at the Trade Depot to meet with the Elven merchants and negotiate us a fair deal…

11th of granite

… instead, FFB decides to celebrate his promotions by going on vacation to anywhere BUT the Trade Depot.


Maybe he is trying some sort of psychological ploy to wear down the merchants into getting us a better deal. This is why he was put in charge, always forward thinking.

17th of Granite

FFB still on vacation; it is still unclear what his method of operation is at this point.


19th of Granite

Raccoons attack! In a daring heist, the raccoons manage to infiltrate the fortress and procure for themselves FFB’s most prized possession:


Maybe this will convince FFB to come out and speak with the Elves in order to procure himself a new sock.


10th of Slate

It is a glorious day as FFB finally returned from his month-long paid vacation to speak with the merchants about a trade. Tactful as always, FFB demands 4 barrels of cloth supplies, only to be rebuked for the Elves’ sufferance of his indolence.

Negotiations became heated, and many obsidian trinkets were traded away for the most prized possession the Elves carried:


We are confident in our cougar domestication and war-animal training abilities, and view this as a highly regarded investment for future defense.

11th of Slate

Dwarves from far and further away hear of the great new fortress, Raspedvessel, and have traveled many miles through hills and valleys, swamps and deserts in order to find our humble abode. All in all, 20 migrants arrive at Raspedvessel to take up work and forge themselves a better life!

The immigrants were huddled into the meeting room and assigned necessary jobs. Peasants were put to work from Fishing to Smelting, and Amazingly, SGK’s long lost love child came after hearing news of SGK’s passing, and she brought an axe to sink her grief into the many trees outside the Fortress.

YOD, Peasant, Clothesmaker

D5P, Peasant, Stone Detailer

PTR, Peasant, Fisher

BKV, Peasant, Smelter

AZJ, Pump Operator, Weaponsmith

LCB, Mechanic, Stonecrafter

SOO, Potash Maker, Crossbow Maker

RFB, Potash Maker, Miner

BSV, Tanner, Miner

PRM, Miller, Plant Gathering

COC, Fish Dissector, Fish Cleaner

YCM, Glassmaker, Farmer

G1A, Weaver

P9N, Woodcrafter, Smelter

TNC, Animal Trainer

EDJ, Woodworker, Carpenter

TCC, Cook

NDM, Cheese Maker, Bone Carver

CIM, Peasant, Plant Processor

SGK the 2nd, Woodcutter

A group photo was taken:

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

19th of Felsite

While fast asleep after burying his axe into the bellies of stout oaks one day, HYJ has a vision come to him and is immediately woken by the force of creative energy coursing through his body.


A fey mood envelopes his being as the vision burns brightly in his mind. He gathers the components necessary and claims the Boywer’s workshop as his own to bring the vision to life, sending SOO to find some herbs.

20th of Felsite

HYJ fully realizes his vision and a artifact bow is crafted! The knowledge gleaned from the fey mood has granted HYJ Legendary skill as a Boywer. The detailed scroll work honorably depicts the valiant battle between HYJ the 1st and the ambushing Fire Imp.


SOO is demoted from Bowyer to Plant Gatherer

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Winter of 101 - In Which Surprisingly Little Happens

by bryan on Mar.12, 2009, under RaspedVessel

1st of Moonstone

Winter is upon us! God help us all. My original hope has gone up in a puff of brimstone. A5N briefly regained consciousness took 3 steps towards a wall she was intending on mining and passed out.  KOX carried her back to bed and fetched her some water.  Either he is feeling bad for his previous tantrum, or he realizes that if she dies he has to do all the mining himself.

9th of Obsidian

The forest fire has caused something of a wood shortage so the carpenter is temporarily disabled as is the bowyer. This caused me to have to shut down the brewer as well but we have around 400 drink so I am not terribly worried about that. Also TED has been switched over to make rock crafts until we get more wood. On the plus side A5N is not depressed. Though she is yet to regain consciousness.  SGK is not looking good at all, I will be surprised if he makes the winter.


Opal 12th

SGK has passed away.  The death of his beloved HYJ was just too much for him to bare.  I created a cemetary in an empty store room. . . we probably should find something more fitting eventually. . .

A Dead SGK and a Dying A5N

A Dead SGK and a Dying A5N

9th of Obsidian

We have something of a wood shortage so the carpenter is temporarily disabled as is the bowyer. This caused me to have to shut down the brewer as well but we have around 400 drink so I am not terribly worried about that. Also TED has been switched over to make rock crafts until we get more wood. On the plus side A5N is not depressed. Though she is yet to regain consciousness.

28th of Obsidian

The rest of the winter passes without incident. A5N is yet to recover from her wounds but the rest of the fortress has sprung back nicely from the fire imp incident. . . except the ones who are dead of course. If we stay away from the fire imps until we are able to have a more permanent solution we should be ok. The fundamentals of our economy are strong we just weren’t able to set as many dwarfs to craft as I would have liked. Hopefully under HYJ’s leadership we shall continue to prosper.

Oh, one other thing. I have started to setup a control room the bottom lever shuts the doors that make it so that baddies have to go through the trap maze. If you aren’t sure which is which you can access the notes by hitting shift + n

Also SGK is yet to reincarnate so if you find a suitable dwarf in the next migration that would be excellent. Best of luck!  We have made it through our first winter and spring is here!

The fortress as I left it

The fortress as I left it

I have uploaded the fortress as it stands at the end of my year.  It is located here  https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/bflaherty/DF.rar HYJ you can take your turn whenever you are ready.

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Fall of 101 - In Which Things Get Better and then Much Much Worse

by bryan on Mar.12, 2009, under RaspedVessel

11th of Limestone

Booze is running dangerously low. Looks like HYJ is going to stop farming and start brewing. I know I am going to regret this hubris but right now we have plenty of food. My optimism is tempered however, I have seen many a fortress fall apart because some one thought we had “enough food” As if in an answer to my food fears a dog has given birth to puppies. . . we are not to that stage yet. In an unrelated note I have finished constructing the butchers complex complete with doors to keep sensitive parties from being disturbed.

16th of Limestone

The dwarven caravan shown up. . . along with some raccoons Assholes are trying to steal my stuff. The merchants guards taught them some manners. I am contemplating commissioning some raccoon hats for them to show my appreciation.

20th of Limestone trading begins

I traded away many of the lesser quality obsidian blades for some food, booze and caged animals. I realized too late that I had not seized outpost leader from E3S so the dwarven negotiator followed her around for a month while she completed various trivial tasks.  I eventually removed all of her duties. Finally after harvesting EVERY SINGLE PLANT IN OUR F-ing garden she was willing to talk to the poor bastard. I had her ask for more booze, animals and seeds.  We have a breeding pair of donkeys and I am hoping to get us a second cow.

21st of Limestone

Midway through negotiations E3S got tired and wandered off to her room for a nap.  The trading representative followed E3S to her room to “finalize the trade agreement”  Below is a NSFW picture of the “negotiations”. We now have enough booze that HYJ can go back to farming


Hot. . . anyway he also gave us a list of requests.


Looks like it is time for some arts and crafts!

3rd of Timber

Things were going great and then all of the sudden and out of breathe and slightly singed messenger comes running up to me. A fire imp ambushed and killed HYJ! Fortunately the stalwart E3S was nearby and struck him down with a mighty cleave of her axe. Wounded terribly E3S started limping away. Unfortunately for her did not limp faster than the forest fire and was struck down. FFB went in to loot. . . I mean recover her body and was also struck down with fire also E3S’s faithful kitten was struck down.  Down a farmer and our only two craft dwarves things were looking grim when all of the sudden on the horizon come a horde of migrants.

If they can make it through the raging forest fire we might just make this!

Remarkably everyone made it.  The new recruits follow:

HBA - Useless peasent who I set to work learning how to be a herbalist

WQB- Cheese maker?  who I set to work as a farmer

DUP -Mechanic

TED - Glass maker - who I had replace me as stone crafter

Also in the convoy were the offspring of HYJ, E3S and FFB

HYJ the 2nd became a Bowyer/woodsdwarf

E3S the 2nd became a Carpenter

FFB the 2nd became a Brewer

4th of Timber

The dwarves are not dealing with the stress well.  SGK, who was apparently married to HYJ has been stricken with meloncolie and is refusing food and water.  A5N and KOX are both throwing tantrums.  If this continues I may have ot lock them up.  They are both legendary dwarves and could do a lot of damage.  KOX has already smashed up his bed.

8th of Timber

SGK is still refusing food.  KOX has grievously wounded A5N in the upper chest.  Having rendered A5N unconcious he is going back to his work in a somewhat better mood.  A5N is bed ridden.

May Dwarf God have mercy on our Dwarf Souls.

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Spring of Year 101 - In which We Strike the Earth!

by bryan on Mar.12, 2009, under RaspedVessel

Year 301, First of Granite

I was adventuring deep in the Jungles of Sensuality when I came across across a lava pit.  Scattered all around me were pieces of Obsidian.  Being a stone carver by trade I quickly rushed back to my kin and informed them of  my stroke of good fortune.   We threw together as much food, booze and mining equipment as we could and headed off in our wheel-less wagon.

Our starting supplies.  I hope they are sufficent

Our starting supplies. I hope they are sufficent

Joining me on this expedition are:

A5N and KOX the miners

E3S the carpenter/woodsdwarf

HYJ and SGK the farmers

BG1 the mason/mechanic

After a long Journey we arrive!  Time to strike the earth


I set up some temporary workshops and have the miners start digging out some farm space.

9th of Granite

Planting begins for now we will be eating nothing but plump raw plump helmets and turtles for the foreseeable future.  What have I gotten myself into?

8th of Slate
Good news!  Struck native aluminum, the planters have been so efficient that I have started them planting sweet pods as well.  Maybe this won’t be so bad.   I am digging out a large numbers of workshops/storage areas.  Here are the plans for them.

The large central rooms are for storing materials, the smaller ones are the actual workshops

The large central rooms are for storing materials, the smaller ones are the actual workshops

14th of Felsite

Workshop area complete, I am moving my crafting inside, thank Dwarf Jesus.  Starting excavation on the residential area. For now each dwarf will have their own small cell.

25th of Felsite
Residential area completed, each dwarf has their own humble bedroom, with a bed and everything.  I am starting work on the great hall.  On the way there I struck some native copper.  Here are the plans for the dining area.  Attached is booze, meat and dead animal storage with room for a cook, brewer and butcher.


As summer approaches I am cautiously optimistic.  Our miners have worked extremely efficently and I am adding on some storage space near the workshop area as well as some additional farm land.

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